Kesley to C&P

I have the opportunity to replace my 6x10 Kelsey with a 6x10 C&P. Curious if this move would be worth it? Would the C&P be an “upgrade”? What can it do that the Kelsey can’t?

Please discuss…

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Yes, it would be an upgrade. Although you can do anything on the Kelsey that you can do on the Pilot, the C&P Pilot is much more heavily built, and that gives it the ability to print heavier forms and a much more rigid bed and platen which will reduce the time you spend in makeready.

John H.

Is $1900 a fair price (it’s in need of 2 rollers)

I should add that it’s a 6x10 C&P table top. Knowing this, would it still be an upgrade? And is the asking price reasonable?

You already have a good 6x10 press, that money would buy a lot of type or poly plates to keep you printing for a while, unless you need 2 6x10 presses.

Given a choice, I’d pick a Pilot, but trading one for the other, and paying $1900 for the privilege, seem rather wasteful. Now, if you can sell the Kelsey for $1600…

If you have the space more often than not you can pick up a 10x15 for less than a pilot. The larger presses are harder to move and do not sell as fast. In my area there are a few Pilots selling for 3K plus.

Nope, I don’t need both press. The plan would be to sell the Kelsey if I did get the C&P. The Kelsey is in very good condition. It works great and has new rollers that are about a year old. Not sure what I could sell it for, possibly $1200 - $1500(???). So would difference of $700 (plus the cost of new rollers) be worth it? Yes, the C&P may be the overall better press, but is it $700+ better?

PS - I would LOVE to have something larger, like the 10x15. I just do not have the means to get it to my work area, which is down a flight of stairs. Damn, I wish I had a walk-out basement!

When I was starting out my shop was in my moms basement, I would put planks on the stairs, take the press apart and slide the parts down the stairs. It takes a couple of strong guys but can be done. Now I wouldn’t think of putting anything heavy in my basement, my shop is street level which makes life a lot easier, only problem I keep thinking I can move bigger and heavier things. I’m a fan of Kelsey presses, still have 3 in my shop, if I were you i’d keep the Kelsey, it already is printing and you are used to it, spend the extra money to fix your cellar way to accommodate your 10x15.

There are also Goldings etc that can be found for a good price, though not as substantial as a C&P probably easier to move? If you get a C&P with the straight shaft I can be taken apart. I know mine at one time came out of a basement, it has the treadle shaft ( U ) and was in pieces. If you are careful and take your time it might be worth it. They are not overly complicated. All that being said, I would do a lot of research and plan it out well. When I moved mine last time I took it down quite a bit, just labeled all the parts.

There is a Pilot in Ohio on ebay right now. Starting at $1300

Although Pearls are not as strong as C&Ps, the Golding Jobbers are very strong presses, but heavy — probably more than the equivalent size C&P and harder to take apart to move them.