Hi friends,

Wondering if you can help me out with some advice.

During the project I’ve recently been working on, the attached section of my Adana 5x3 became broken - it’s the section which holds the pawl that turns the ink disc, and it is broken in two places.

Aside from getting another press and taking apart for the part(s), I need to get some quotes as to how much this would be to repair. So obviously bp is my go-to in this situation.

The part itself is so small I know the cost of materials would be small, but my hunch is that finding anyone who could create this would be tricky.
(I have already checked with Caslon here in the UK), and then there is the dismantling…

I just need some rough ballpark figures (and an idea whether this is doable, so that we can decide if it is better to fix the press or replace it - in terms of making a claim for the damage).

Thanks in advance,

image: unnamed.jpg


image: unnamed-1.jpg


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It looks like the part is aluminum. A good welder should be able to repair it, and I would suggest reinforcing both places, as there should be clearance for extra material thickness at both places. Because that sort of work is done with heliarc welding, it should be possible to make the repair of the arm on the press and the linkage separately and then reinstall the linkage. But you could also check with Caslon what they would charge to make the repair. I suspect it would be more than having it welded locally.