C&P Newstyle Treadle —> making “clinking” sound.

I set up my C&P 10x15 NS with a treadle recently.

I realized I didn’t have the original “bolt” that connects the treadle with the “hook” (which in turn connects to the crank shaft).

As such, I just used a regular bolt I had lying around, which is thinner.

Because it is thinner than the diameter of the “hole”, the entire hook / treadle mechanism jumps around when I try to pedal a little faster, resulting in a loud “clinking” sound.

I can’t imagine this is good for the treadle / hook in the long run.

Does anyone know :

1. if the original “bolt” connecting treadle and hook is an EXACT fit to the diameter of the hole it passes through?
2. where can I might be able to find such a replacement bolt? I checked my “bolt” store (mainly metric sizes) and nothing seems to fit exactly.


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Seems like that is something any well-supplied hardware store would have. It would help if you have any way to determine in advance what the actual diameter of the holes in the treadle and hook actually are (a drill bit set?).


If you can’t find the proper diameter of bolt, another possibility is to sleeve the bolt you have. Find a chunk of pipe (copper, iron, conduit, whatever works), cut a length of it slightly shorter than the total length of the holes and fit it over the bolt. Basically, you’re making a bushing. It’ll take up the space and keep anything from banging. Plus, if it’s softer than the steel of the bolt and iron of the treadle parts it’ll protect them from wearing each other.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

thank you for all the kind help! I found a slightly bigger bolt and also made a bushing for it.

I then realised the noise was actually coming from the hook which was rubbing against the front of the machine, causing the hook itself to come off the shaft…

I grinded the front of the hook down a bit, and now it doesnt hit the front of the machine anymore.

Much smoother now!

thanks to all.