13x18 Heidelberg windmill - clack valve cam/roller

Hi all,
I’m encountering a strange problem with our “new” 13x18 Heidelberg platen. As delivered, the roller which opens the clack valve does not contact the cam at all. I shimmed the cam up to make contact, which is visible in the attached photo. I have parts manuals for our 10x15 Heidelbergs but of course this one didn’t come with any. Is it possible this machine has had the roller replaced with a smaller one, assuming the 13x18 has a larger roller? (Again I unfortunately don’t have a parts manual.) Or perhaps the entire air valve assembly was swapped at some point? I had to use new longer bolts to attach the cam with the shims under it, so it doesn’t appear that there was some sort of spacer originally as the old bolts aren’t long enough.

I’m told the press was “working fine” before, but considering it was missing the blowoff valve on the air pump and one of the hoses, and has required massive pile height bar and gripper tweaking, I’m not ruling much out at this point as far as incorrect parts, etc.


image: IMG_2256a.jpg


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Well, never mind! For the record, the problem was that the eccentric which adjusts the height of the whole assembly can adjust it to the correct height in two different positions, which put it either in the correct front-to-back location or significantly further out. (The large pin with the slotted end facing right and a setscrew facing forward, which the assembly pivots on.) Once that was sorted, the cam aligns correctly without shimming.