Parisien Letterpress haunts

So, in a couple of weeks I’m dragging the long suffering fiancé to the city of romance. Mostly, I’m excited about trains and printing presses, so I thought I’d ask if anyone knows of any back street print shops, letterpress haunts or otherwise, within the peripherique.

Merci :)

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To be very honest with you, there isn’t a lot going on in letterpress in France (I lived there for nearly 30 years). You can try Michael Caine in rue de la Cérisaie, in the 4th arrondissement, close to the Bastille. There is also the beautiful lithography printshop (atelier Clot/Bramsen) with Cristian Bramsen in 19, rue Vieille du Temple. A visit to the musée des Arts et du Métier is interesting as well, they have some bits ‘n pieces on printing. But why not hop on a train (Thalys) to Antwerp, 1 1/2 hours, where you can visit the Plantin-Moretus museum?

shame you have missed la jour de ‘lestampe in Paris in May, also Lille has a fete de l’estampe in May too, Paris used to do “the month of the print” when loads of workshops were open…but it might be worth checking out presses in this organisation..
quite a few in Paris working with text and image I have seen beautiful work, also shops/galleries selling artists books,

also I see Michael Woolworth publications (master printer in Lithography) is in 2 Rue de la Roquette Passage du Cheval Blanc Bastille, He must be occupying Franck Bordas’ old atelier when he moved out to do large format printing, you might get a visit there…..check out is this in Paris????

oops for got to mention IDEM in Paris, stone litho up to grand format-yes I know it is not letterpress but could still be good well I think so……cos I love it………..