Bought a TP71 today. Hurrah…
There really is no room for me and my cat in this flat any more…

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Just for the info there wasn’t a treadle version. There are the P71 and the P71s. The P71s is a slower version sold to schools.

Thanks, PP. I was pretty sure they didnt have treadles, even though t/p apparently stood for treadle/platen?
Looking forward to picking her up on Sunday.

T/P is Treadle/Power
You know you are slow at hand feeding when the back of your hand is covered with ink from the oscillating roller.

you gotta get printing…………?

Ahh I was half way there :) #novice

And yes, Jonathan… Very true. I’m just too much of a perfectionist. Seven hours twiddling impression screws and then no time to actually print :(