8x5 Roller Arm

Hi all,
Please see the attached photo. On my older 8x5, the right-hand side top hook on the roller arm is at an entirely off side angle to the other three hooks.

My question is - is this how it is meant to be, in order to push the roller duct arm upwards, or has the hook become twisted in time?

If the latter is true, is it just the usual mix of penetrant and gentle force to turn the hook? My common sense tells me that this is what I need to do, but I thought I’d check first.

Thanks in advance everyone, and sorry if its a silly question.


image: eightfive.jpg


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I have no direct experience with whatever press that is, but it looks to me like the roller hook is just a piece of steel bar with a hook formed from one end. It should turn freely in its bracket hole with only the spring tension to keep it in whatever position it happens to be in. It has probably gotten turned sideways simply because without a roller in place, the hook strikes the ductor arm and deflects. Grab hold of it and try twisting it. It’ll probably just rotate. Unless it’s rusted beyond repair, there’s basically no way you’ll be able to really damage that hook with your bare hands.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

If the hook moves in and out but won’t rotate I am not sure what might have happened. It should rotate to align with the others and accept the rollers. If it won’t move at all you need to free it up with penetrant or whatever you use to loosen frozen parts.


Thanks all, after some penetrant it does move and is now aligned with the others, so panic over!

don’t panic

Stay hoopy, frood!