C&P Craftsman - What is this part?

I was comparing photos of presses on Flickr with my own press, and I noticed that I’m missing some pieces from the rear top edge of the platen that seem somehow interact in some way with the uppermost tympan bail. Flickr image showing the part in question is here:


What do those pieces do?

image: craftsman.jpg


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Few hints/clues, remote but possibly??? (1) as on Adana,s H.S. 3 mine *on sight now* 4/5 inch extension, (thin guage aluminium) working on, and with, top bale arm to support A 4 sheets fed longitudinally, especially with rubbish photocopier stock… . (2) variation of, or adaption of, Heidelberg Platen chrome extension to the left of the platen to support sheets/stock whipping into and onto impression. (with the sound up video of H/berg running analyse the clack of the sheets ripping over the acute edge, WITHOUT extension assistance???) … (3) variation of actual D.I.Y. bodge on Thompson British Auto Platen, in essence, to solve the same problem!!!
All rubbish and Red Herrings, quite possibly, but perhaps a good starting point, in good faith, for higher authorities. Mick

Close-up of the extra parts.

image: craftsman-Bits.jpg


This may be what is called the Hold Down Device, described in the C&P Craftsman manual as follows -

The hold down device fitted to the upper edge of the platen is to be used when the sheet printed has a tendency to roll or curl, thereby getting out of position for delivery. Wires furnished with the unit should be placed under the grooved washers at the top of the brackets on the square shaft, with the ends extended at angles of approximately 45 degrees to the corners of the printed sheet. The brackets should be positioned toward the ends of the platen to prevent an interference with the feed bar as it returns from the platen and so that the wires are lifted out of line of the delivery bar when it comes down to the platen to deliver the sheet.
When not in use it is necessary to keep the hold down wire brackets at the outer ends of the square bar and clamped to the bar in these positions.


I have a C&P 10x15 Craftsman from 1956, and I don’t think I have those parts, either. Mine did have the ink fountain and the auto feeder, but the parts were mostly disassembled, and I’m sure missing some, so maybe that was part of that.


That seems like a very reasonable answer, and seems to coincide with the bits and pieces in the photo. Thanks for the insight!