Plate Processor Mounting Rubber

Hi everyone, still working out the bugs of my new plate processor. I find that when I change the water the mounting rubber is no longer sticky. After it builds up a significant amount of washed off polymer it does stick once again. I am losing about 2 plates each cycle because of this.. Does it have a life span? What makes it sticky?

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There are two different kinds of material commonly used on the platen of the machine, Green PVC (sticky) or Magback (magnetic rubber sheeting from Bunting). At least, these are the options for the Anderson&Vreeland machines. At one point they offered a material that was both sticky and magnetic, but quickly discontinued it.

I have no idea why your “mounting rubber” is not sticky, but if it is actually Green PVC a routine vinegar wash is useful. Rubber Reconditioner will help with Magback.

Yours is a “new” machine? no manual?, no sales rep you can contact?


Paul, do you squeegee the rubber dry between mountings/processing cycles?
You should start by dousing the rubber with water and then squeegee it dry/hit it with a hairdryer for a moment. I’ve actually found a light warming with a hairdryer greatly improves the tack of my aging green pvc.

Gerald, the vinegar trick is a good one. I’ll certainly try that soon. Do you use regular white vinegar?

Also, I have some magnetic rubber that has a vinyl backing on it; when I want to process magnetic plates, I just stick this to the green PVC and back the brush off 2 turns and it doest the trick. When done/ready for plastic backed, I just remove it and then raise the brush 2 turns. Easy as pie.


Yes, regular distilled white vinegar. A&V actually recommends a cup of this in every new bath; it helps eliminate mineral deposits and can correct the Ph level of the water.

I mentioned this once and a fellow who was having issues with his well water tried it and it resolved his washout problem.

Only problem I’ve ever had with the Green PVC, which I use on a steel carrier sheet, was a sudden dramatic shrinkage around the borders. Which oddly enough, after years of use, happened in the middle of summer this year (simultaneously to both of them!). Some kind of environmental thing I suppose. Was able to halt that with Green Die Sealer. I will note your tip about the hair dryer though. Thanks.