Spare part for Adana five three

Just picked up my second Adana five x three tonight. It’s in near mint condition, I think only used once or twice and with all the original invoices, catalogues and extras that came with the unit, nice.

The only problem the press has, is the lever that connects the part that turns the ink disk with the handle is snapped through (see photo). So when you impress the handle everything works fine, but the ink disk will not rotate. Obviously I can rotate it by hand, but I just wondered if anyone had a spare part that would replace this?

If not, I’ll give Caslon a shout, but wanted to check here first.
Thanks in advance,

image: adanaback.jpg


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Superglue it then have a hole drilled at an acute angle with a small drill and either A run a small tap and thread it and screw a small bolt into the hole ,that will be strong enouth for this wee part as it doesnt have any real stresss on it .
Or b drill it and drive a relatively tight pin into it .

Also just noticed my composing stick is missing its clamp bit…

image: composing.jpg


Thanks Peter, I will try that. Appreciate your help. Vicki

Its probably in the bottom of your box of stuff that came with it . its made of brass with a thumbscrew in it ,its a sort of “G” shape .
If you need another stick you can have one thats spare here and just collect from amberley when you visit , price ? Put something in the donations box.

Yeah, sadly not. It had been sitting in a loft and the guy was going to throw it away, so I think that bit might have gone the way of the ark.

But yes, picking up a spare from Amberley would be brilliant. A week today - I am so excited! Happy to make a donation etc. Cheers :)

I have a similar part on a press which was reinforced with a piece of flat steel (aluminum would work), and bound with stiff wire around the outside. It looks like the end of a rope which has been “whipped”.

The press came to me in 1964 thus repaired, and has never given me a moment’s trouble. As Peter says, it has little stress on it, and just needs to be held firm.

John Henry

Then there also a Stanley Green school of Adana repair. Just make sure to watch your protein passion levels.

image: adanafromhell.jpg


Wait. What? Oh dear :/

Not a bad restoration, it must print cause there is ink on the rollers and disc.

Good enough to print 87,000 copes if his famous 16 page booklet!

Was it on the subject of a “Heath Robinson ” by any chance????

Don’t remember seeing those accessories in an Adana brochure.

is this the part, you would have to compare the size not sure which adana its off, could be 5x3?

image: SAM_0079 (600x450).jpg

SAM_0079 (600x450).jpg

Dear John,

Yes - that’s the one! I’ve measured my snapped one, and its the same dimensions.
Is yours a spare?

If you send me your address through Briar, do not put it on here I will post it to you, it was with other spare parts I knew it would come in handy one day.


Thanks John, you’re a star. Really appreciate this.
Have sent you a message.
Have a great bank holiday :)