Making a Treadle for a 8X12 C&P

Hey everybody!

I recently bought a 8x12 c&p, its an old series. Unfortunately it came without the treadle, so i would like to make it in iron (i would like to buy it from hern, but i’m from Argentina) and i would need to be sure with the measures, perhaps somebody can help me with them.

- I need to know the treadle hook’s length.
-The total length of the treadle
- and the distance from the rear bushings to the connection with the treadle hook.

And one last question: How is the treadle connected to the rear shaft? Because i’ve seen the new series part list but it looks different to the photos i found about the old series treadle.

I’m collecting photos to use as reference for the machinist, so any kind of information you can provide me, it will be a really useful.

Thank you in advance!

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Juan, I designed a treadle for a 12x18 C&P in Virginia. It was welded out of angle iron with a piece of flat steel plate for the foot pad (I had wanted to use non-skid textured steel but that wasn’t readily available). It was attached to the back cross rod using U-bolts and the hook was made from a piece of round rod bent to match the diameter of the crank. You can get the dimensions by turning the press until the crank is either at the top or bottom of its travel and dropping a plumb line from its center to the floor. Measure from the back rod to the plumb bob for the distance from the center of the U-bolts to the hook attachment, and from the back rod to where you want your foot to be when treadling for the overall length.

It’s not stylish but it was fully functional and easy to make.


image: CandP Treadle.JPG

CandP Treadle.JPG

had a 8x12 years ago, it came with a wooden treadle, instead of a hook there was a leather strap over the drive shaft.

Thank bob and dickg!

I was afraid there was something mysterious wich complicate it in the running, but I see it’s simpler than I thought.

I’ll try with wood first.