Adana on E bay?

Another (VERY) dodgy Adana 8 x 5 on E bay.Item no.121471855319.??
Listed as Missing Rollers, Ink Disc, Gripper arm(s) Fingers/Boxes, Lay Guage
AND as the 8 x 5 series, that carries the serial number on the visible plate, just below the Centre Fulcrum for the Platen proper, should have a stub (snapped of and or missing?) which should carry the L/H frisket finger stub axle, the return spring can be seen hanging down, just behind the lower L/H roller hook.
In the case of the Gripper Arms, Fingers, Boxes, Lay gauges, would seem to be the very items that a novice WOULD need, paper clips and elastic bands, as aftermarket.??
Ink Disc and rollers, E,bay or Caslon,?? dodgy ink discs on E bay occasionally, the steel stub, which should *Mike* up to exactly1/5” .50 (point 50) if they have not been siezed up etc.
The boss in the main frame, that carries the ink disc should also accept exactly with no play, the tail end of a (virgin) unsullied 1/2” high speed drill, this the reason @ close fit, the steel stub siezes in the Alloy body .*** Footnote
Ink disc,s for 8 x 5, last count, second hand from Caslon around £90 ish.(upwards of $145 U.S.A.)
Rollers inc. bearer wheels (trucks) .2 + 2 last count, nudging £75 maybe more. (upwards of $120 U.S).
Might end up at a very expensive first Adventure.???

ONE positive Vibe, (generally) 8 x 5,s with the Serial Number(s) situate on a small brass plate,front left, facing the M/c have a one piece Roller Arm carriage, generally regarded as superior to the, “Heath Robinson”spindly efforts.?
8 x 5,s with such Roller Arm assemblies, have the serial numbers stamped into the top of the platen, normally covered by the top/tympan sheet, bale arm.
Generally, 8 x 5,s with the “brass plate” serial numbers, Appear to be Suffixed with, *D* and 4 figures, whereas 8 x 5 M/c,s with the serial numbers “punched” into the top of the Platen proper,Appear to carry *C* suffixes and 4 AND 5 figure numbers

*** Steel working in Aluminium, do not sit well together, hence and probably enthusiastic oversight,s, i.e normal to remove the disc on wash up, with W.H.Y. spirit? and omit to oil the spindle, This one has been solved by filing a small flat onto the spindle/stub to make a minute oil channel, which becomes an automatic force of habit to oil, after wash up, + a thin nylon washer under the disc & against the top boss of the machine, e.g.virtually friction free and an excellent visual guide to monitor the rotation (or lack of) of the disc, before it seizes..

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Substitute, Suffix,s for Prefix,s apologies.!

I am continually amazed at your inability to write a coherent sentence, and use punctuation in a proper way. How in the world did you ever survive in the printing world?


right on Mick, and write on… It’s important to hear and to read you!

If Mick wishes to communicate, especially using the Queen’s English, it would be nice to actually follow some of the rules that have been embraced by centuries of tradition. I appreciate that he has something to say, but I’ll be damned if I know what it is exactly. I have a lot of better things to do than try and decipher his convoluted meanderings, punctuated so bizarrely. I know he does it to be irritating, and in that respect he succeeds admirably. Unfortunately the very information he attempts to convey is lost in a staccato of commas that are too lazy to be apostrophes, thus being singled out from among his other grammatical and typographic horrors.

Keelan and T.G. Thank you, I understand that my ramblings are often seen as just that, Ramblings, but buried in the content are provable details/facts, not ambiguous quotes based on half truths, conjecture speculation etc.

Thanks again, Guys, I get the occassional *thanks for your humble efforts* Off line.

I understand and appreciate the ODD negative vibe,s they help to prolong the life of the post,s and give those that are looking for the answers, a much greater and varied cross section of ideas, opinions, maybe even facts.

Regards and thanks to “Lucifer,s” bedfellow. Quite apt “speak with forked toungue” or Tail, etc.? Nice one .TA.

Unfortunately Mick, I have to wholeheartedly agree with DTP. Your answer about “buried in the content” hits the nail on the head. I too pretty much skip right by any comments that you make simply because I don’t have the time nor the inclination to decipher whatever you are attempting to communicate.

If I, with decades of printing knowledge, find your attempts too cumbersome to wade through, just imagine the difficulty that those just beginning (and who could really use the information!) will have.

Your intentions are grand, just learn to speak the language. Your format is neither “cute” nor very helpful. You don’t have to be different to be good, just being good is different enough.



This is an open forum, every one is free to participate. If you can’t handle Mick’s comments, just skip them…

Mick, if you want to bury your facts, fine. Send everyone here a shovel.



This thread… priceless

keelan, thanks for the translation. There’s 20 minutes you will never get back.


Keelan, thank you for your admirable efforts on my behalf.

Does the story of *The Vicar of Bray* mean anything to you.
If not a brief Resume implies that He, The vicar, changes his hat to suit whichever party is the flavour of the era.

Perhaps you and your Running Mate, before shooting down my pathetic (if you like) efforts, should for example look back at post(s) for 23 rd. July last, timed 6.13

Regarding replacement bearings, following on from my actual post, based on actually constructed, by Myself, crude, humble, pathetic if you will, solution to the original problem.

Surprise, Surprise, you just happen to have a lathe, (unfortunately and inconveniently in store) or you would have solved the problem already.! in advance and before it was even posted. E.S.P. perhaps.

Now the best bit, as opposed to my crude but actual, (in real time) efforts, you posted some Spindly, Spiders Web graphics, 3 out of 10 for audacity, but just a shame that you seem to have overlooked the extensions to the cores to fit the roller hooks. Air operated Sky Hooks maybe..

One more nice one, in the same thread, on 24th. July, timed 12.35, another related post, probably the Guy that posted the original question, clap trapping on about *MILLING* stocks/cores.
As far as can be ascertained, so far, *MILLING* and *TURNING* are not actually one and the same.

Perhaps your (stored ) lathe is revolutionary.

One last passing thought, where were, the very well informed buddies when that series of posts was on sight.

You know, the Ones that love to use me as a whipping boy, Masonic handshake at the Printers Fair/Wayzgoose, possibly.

P.S. please fell free, on my behalf, always fun, even with the several to (almost) one ratio involved.

Wow, I could Actually *READ* that One.


Mick - Utterly disappointed in you and in this post, and its ill-veiled vitriol.

I won’t use this public forum to air further dirty laundry, but I want it to be known that - in the guise of supporting a new hobbyist, you actually used the opportunity to deride and decry.

Utterly out of order and uncalled for.

what a time wasting thread. cheque back in a weak or too


Easy, easy, please…

Should anyone have question about the intelligence of the human race, they have only to slog through the previous postings. Utter drivel driven to importance by a succession of self-important know-nothings. So what if a person’s grasp of prose does not fit current practice? Consider the source then move on. But oh no, one must display the arrogance of holier-than-thou and proceed to re-speak for the originator. What insufferable gall!
Little wonder this forum is seldom visited by other than the ‘easily-offended’ weanies.


V.A. Thank you, disregarding all the previous spieil from the well intentioned friends? above, I seem to have reasonably successfully achieved the main objective of post..
I.E.drawn attention to the item in question on E bay, and thereby protecting an unsuspecting *New Hobbyist* from getting ripped of.
At £200 pounds for starters for a heap of junk, with that many bits missing and accompanied by that amazing resume, written as if from a uninformed, dont really know, just trying to help seller etc.
There is at this time 2/3 maybe more 8 x 5,s on Ebay basically described for what they are, and hovering around the £50 mark.
It is noticed that THE item was recorded as no bids, first time around and WAS re-entered, so maybe my efforts were useful after all

***In a complimentary but reverse manner outside of possibly, the Chap down in Sussex and Roy at Caslon, with Your Journey, (this far) Learning curve, Extensive Knowledge of Adana,s, (yours) The Project, your Pet! etc. etc ALL admirable and highly commendable.***

I repeat again, all in all,? highly commendable, and I mean that seriously, but has it occured to you that possibly several onlookers have put 2 and 2 together and figured out >>The Postcode ? The blog? The seller? (E bay) The Head Honcho? (admirable project) The driving force? (Minerva Buyer) The Tutor/ (project based) etc etc, are all one and the same.
Once again, terrific achievement, in anybody,s book, but possibly consider wording in the sales pitch, whereby you dont shoot yourself in the foot, when the eagle eyed have put the 2 and 2 together.!

In spite of your, possibly provoked, possibly justified and possibly self induced (in both directions) Good Luck for your Special Day forthcoming.
Plus I have a spare, pending refurbishment, 5 x 3 in front of me right this minute, post the request on open foum, Roy will not be over concerned, my 5 x 3 is numbered H 10147 but all that range are all compatible for parts,

Assuming and hoping it is will be back up for your project, as opposed to flogging for a vast profit it, (THE SUB ASSEMBLY) could be in the post (gratis) on Monday/Tuesday next.

The broken arm, Yours, is only an interference fit on the Top/Transverse arm that carries the roller arms, in less than 2 minutes flat, 4 nuts and 2 split pins, (at the bottoms of the actuating arms also interference fit) will release the sub assembly.

Thats about as LOW Tech mechanics as it gets.
I know that you will have cracked that one, by now.!

You would be welcome to utilise mine, on the understanding that in the fullness of time, you post the broken assembly back, I would merely make a new one from scratch ,in Brass.

Just an afterthought I have actually got, a well made, aftermarket,*Finger assembly* constructed from Drawn aluminium plate, (Drawn as opposed to breakable Cast Aluminium) as witness Yours.
Which is not interference fit, but simply clamps around the Top transverse Rod , retained for pattern reproduction, but shot(s) posted, On line if /when required.

Of course, whoever, whenever, wherever, although very light, by its nature, well protected, In Transit

Ah. Keelan. The master chemist, master machinist, master ecologist and now master English scholar and interpreter ,sends riposte taken directly from his peers at the gradeschool playground. Surely, with your ability to claim Wiki knowledge as your own, you could have found a more withering comment? Try the “Put-downs for Dummies” web site; you certainly fit the criteria.

It is truly interesting how a valid criticism of someone who actually has something to say, but for whatever reason instead chooses to purposely obscure his message, has turned into a slugfest of one of the few willing to support his inanity. This ought to be taken as a lesson about the importance of clear communication, but I suspect in this toxic atmosphere it will not.


This is getting stupid. I’m done with this thread.

And so, as always when not getting his way, the petulant little puppy takes his bat and ball and goes back to his corner. :o) Lighten up, Folks. It’s opinion being expressed here - not Shakespearean prose posted for grading. Heck, you believe Mick’s writing is convoluted? Try decipering the mid-term elections. :o)

forme, you would do well to keep your nasty personal remarks to yourself. The comments you made on this thread are not cause for amusement. Rude comments cannot be undone with smiley-faced icons.