impression when adding ink

Hi, I’m getting a beautiful kiss impression before I add the ink, but once I start inking I loose the impression completely and have to start readjusting my packing. I’m using lettra paper. Could I be using too much ink that causing the paper to not dig in? I have no idea. Thanks!

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Can you post some pictures? Are you using so much ink that it’s running up the sides of your impression? I doubt that ink would have any effect on the physical pressure used to make an impression.

got the impression where I want it now but inking is uneven. Can packing effect inking? It’s happening in the same places over and over again. (50 sheets later!) :-0

I’ve considered turning the plate 180 and having the heavier coverage on the bottom? ugh…

Packing and impression always affects ink transfer to paper.

What kind of press and plate?

a polymer plate and Craftsmen platen tabletop. I’m printing with Rhodamine Red right out of the can. A bit sticky.

You may need to adjust the platen to compensate for the geometry change with different packing.

nobody seems to know why but rhodamine red is haunted. I’ve bought new cans direct from van son and from boxcar and both times the ink was exploding and seeping out of the can before I could even take it out of the box.