Quick Identification of a tabletop press?

Would appreciate your help identifying this small press. Thanks kindly, Craig

image: press.JPG


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It is a Sigwalt, probably the Nonpareil model, though I’m not sure what base the later Ideal models had in the small sizes. This looks like it could be a 3x5 or possibly a 4x6 size (do you have the chase? If so measure the inside length and width). They are very nice small presses and can do excellent printing.


Bob! No chase………. are they difficult to find? It is in a shop for sale around 225. which I think is okay providing I can get a chase……… Thanks for the info! Craig

Probably a 4 X 6

Unfortunately chases for these little presses are hard to find, though they do turn up occasionally. You can also have one made of welded steel. The Sigwalt uses a small double-wedge-shaped bit on the ends of the chase which slide behind the pins on the inside of the roller rails, to hold the chase in the bed. I’m sure a good welder could make you a chase for not a lot of money. $225 is a good price and it looks to be complete except for the chase. Measure the space between the roller rails and subtract about 1-1/2 inches for the chase sides, which will be close to the width of the chase.


I have made many chases out of wood for smaller presses until I could find a real one, they work very ggod, I use the plywood that cutting die makers use.