Moving a Chandler & Price 10 x 15


I’ve just purchased a Chandler and Price in Melbourne and I’m struggling to find a way to transport it 1 hour across the state. Does anyone have any ideas, or know a good courier system that can transport 700kg?


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For only an hour drive, this is what I’d do: Rent a low open trailer. Put it (the press) on the trailer with the assist of a tow truck. Tie it down securely. Pull it home and have it taken off the trailer with another tow truck.

Tell the tow truck drivers the press is a bit top heavy,

Thanks heaps. I’ve been searching far and wide for a crane driver to deliver it, but they’re all charging $500 and over. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a tow truck for a bit less. Trailer should do the trick as I’ve read it’s better to have the press transported at a lower height.


There’s plenty of advice here in the archives about moving presses. Most of it worth reading. A C&P should be transported in the closed position to make it a bit less tippy. If they are not already there a set of skids under the feet and a set of iron pipe rollers make moving the press on a flat surface much easier.

The less you take off the easier it is to reassemble and keeping it as low as possible limits the potential for dropping it disastrously.