Hurry, hurry, bid now!!

For all of you afficionados of hot metal type, there is now, as I write this, on Ebay, a spectacular long-awaited item1 Are you ready for this: two bags totaling seven pounds of, are you still there? Six point Cloister Old Style. Five days and seventeen hours left to bid. I’m afraid to look in the ATF book, are the swash caps, and alternate characters with this font? Fulfill your lifelong desire to own a font of such magnitude! Imagine setting your autobiography in this font! I’m sure you can have your spouse sneak this into the rehab home, so you can sort it out! This, among other things in your life that need sorting out!

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Adendum, correction to preceding: hurry, hurry….That’s seven and one half pounds, and the bidding starts at $32.00.
Gotta run now. I think those are the people from the rehab center at my front door, or Good Humor is now selling door-to-door!

Cloister Old Style would be a very fitting type face for my autobiography. Six point Cloister would be very fitting for anyone’s autobiography, but especially mine as Funk n Wagnalls defines cloistered as “separated from the rest of the world: protected from the problems and concerns of everyday life,”
Excuse me, gotta go, there’s someone at the door again.

There’s no rush here - that seven plus pounds of metal crumbs will probably be purchased by that same bidder snapping up a Kelsey 3x5 for a mere $2k or more. To that, I’ve a rare copy of a copy of a copied Xerox copy of the history of smash printing in America. A best seller still in demand I understand. The aforementioned type would be particularly suitable for such use. I am prepared to take bids upward of a $1000 start bid. Take a number. :o)

Stan is off his meds again.

Do you suppose I should seek professional advice? I am conscientiously taking all my meds. and keeping all my appoinmtments. Perhaps you can recommend a professional from your experience who can possibly be of help to me in my present condition. Thank you and thanks to all fot their concern. Excuse me, there is someone at the door again!

Stan, you are a printer, there is no professional help available, I know, I have tried to get help myself. That knocking on your door is me, just pay no attention to it, everyone else does.

Do you mean inhaling that carbon tetrachloride type wash has long-term after-effects?
Now you tell me. It’s too late now!!

Carbon tet, its been a long time but I can still smell it, that stuff was brutal.

Stan, Stan, Stan - what can I say???? ANY Cloister Oldstyle is nothing to make light of. It started as my house face 38 years ago and continues to probably be the one face I would choose to be stuck on a desert island with. And YES I even have small caps for my 6, 8 and 10 pt. sizes.

When I was just getting started in letterpress printing I was working in downtown San Francisco and would have to walk right by the world heqdquarters building for Wells Fargo Bank. I think it must have been the 60th anniversary year for the Panama-Pacific Exhibition because they had a huge PPE book in a display case in their front window. Each week they would turn the page. That book had been printed by the Aldus of San Francisco - John Henry Nash and the body copy had been set in 24pt. Cloister Oldstyle. It was absolutely gorgeous, and that set the hook for me to seek any Cloister Oldstyle I could get my hands on. I have had a complete run for decades now.

You certainly picked the worng dog to pick on.


Rick, Rick, Rick:
ANY Cloister Oldstyle can be made light of when some @$$^0!# puts 7.25 pounds of 6 point of in plasic baggies to be sold on ebay, There are other sizes of this face up for auction packaged the same way.
I have several cases of the Cloister family in my shop! It is a beautiful, nice fitting face in all weights and configurations.
You know that I love Cloister as I would use to set my autobiography.
Of course on a desert island, I would certainly need some Helvetica. That would be for one reason. I WOULD MELT ALL OF IT DOWN TO MAKE SOME FISHING SINKERS!
I’m not picking on the wrong dog. I’m picking on that @$$#0!* who dumped that type into baggies.

PS. Note to Dickg…I’m ok with my meds today, it’s the nap that I miss most. Doorbell kept interrupting my snooze!

This should bring back some good/bad memories for some of you. Back when I was starting out I had a real lust for handset type. There were a few occasions when I lugged home 5-gallon buckets of pied type that had been dumped because people wanted the empty cases. I would spend much of the winter in those years sorting the huge piles of pied type. First sort by size, then sort by face and finally sort again to get each font back into a case (oftentimes two sizes - with enough difference - in the same case). Sounds a bit like insanity, BUT I did manage to cull some fantastic fonts of type and have never regretted it.


Stan, i’ll stop ringing your door bell so you can nap, sorry.