Quebec places of Letterpress (or related) interest?


My wife and I plan to spend some time in and around Montreal, Trois Rivieres and Quebec City in July.

Are there shops, fairs, exhibits, museums or other places related to letterpress that would be good for us to visit while we are there?

Any recommendations will be appreciated.


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Don Black I think is in Ontario, not too far from where you will be. He has more stuff than a museum, definitely worth stopping by.

Thanks for the suggestion. Actually we will be several hours east of Toronto on this trip.

Hopefully we will have other chances to visit Toronto though.

Thanks again,


One source of info about letterpress activities etc. in the area you are going might be La Papeterie St. Armand in Montreal. They have a website and their telephone number is 514-931-8338. David Carruthers is the owner. He’s a decent sort. I’ve not been there, but I think you can visit their paper-making operation, too…..good luck…..db

Thank you for this suggestion.

La Papeterie St. Armand appears REALLY interesting. It would be great if our schedule will permit us to visit them.

Thanks again,

Very cool place, and situated in old Montreal which is so beautiful in the spring time!

Wow, Ian—this looks great! Thank you so much!