I recently purchased a (complete?) ink duct assembly for an Adana HS/2. I can’t figure how it fits. Has anyone come across an assembly diagram / photo of such a thing? I did come across one diagram on flickr (link below) but can’t make any detail out. Thanks all.[email protected]/7141299803/in/photolist-bT42C...

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Brio, Friend, you may find that your duct unit clamps around the smaller fulcrum shaft, that drives the roller arms up and down, under the ink disc to the Right, opposite, the pawl and ratchet that drives the ink disc. You should observe that when the rollers have left the bottom of the form, the ductor assembly would act like a *Nodding Donkey* & transfer ink to the top of the disc, and back off before the next stroke/impression.
If as I suspect your devise clamps around the shaft, with possibly 2 part clamps, (x2) carefull adjustment for the stroke, will probably be delicate & fiddly + in the absence of grub screws or similar I would tend to use Auto/Engineering *Threadlock* to secure shaft to clamps, in use. Threadlock will break when/if desired.
Only a GUESStimate? from studying a 2 H.S. >(briefly)< Good Luck . Mick .
P.S. By implication, if you are going for Long(ish) runs by fitting an Ink Duct, as the spigot & the boss on the machine are fairly close fit, whilst you have the disc of, merely file a small flat along the length of the spigot where it fits the base, to allow a little oil to leech down.
Every 10th machine, (or thereabouts) seems to suffer from the spigot siezing up, and then the disc rotating on the shaft, (expensive)??? plus if there is no washer under the disc already, and you have alloy to alloy, (or cast) contact, a thin nylon washer helps greatly, and will make no perceptible difference to the height of the disc for the approach of the rollers.!!!

Hi Mick - thanks for your detailed reply. I follow your logic….however, I still can’t the assembly. It all seems too big for the HS/2. Did they make an ink duct for the HS/3?

It has a bolt - through connection that looks as though it requires a hole on the Adana.body somewhere- but there isn’t a hole. Or maybe it was factory fitted or a different version of the HS/2 (?) Or maybe it is incomplete - will continue to ponder…. Terry

Further investigation with Caslon /ADANA has revealed something of a mystery as they have not seen an example before. I have decided to donate it to their museum of curiosities but for the record I will post some photos on here just in case someone else comes across the same set up.
Attachment would require a hole in the casting which my two HS No. 2s do not have so I presume it was a special casting available as an option when new prior to 1935.

image: DSC05586a.jpg


image: DSC05581a.jpg


image: DSC05575a.jpg


image: a.jpg


image: b.jpg


Brio, Yes looks as though you have *cracked it* My Apologies I jumped the Gun, Just re assessed/examined machine(s) in front of me, the 2 H.S. has no provision for bolting on extras, the boss that carries the ink disc spigot is a completely round outcrop from the base, & there is no room for bolts or holes of an sort,!!! the 8 x 5 has 2 un-threaded holes for an attatchment , but would need nuts & bolts, with holes @ 1 1/2 ” (one and a half inch centres exactly) The H.S.3 has exactly the same arrangement, I.E. THREADED bolt holes at exactly 1 1/2” (one and a half inch centres) … Do the Bolt hole dimensions check out against your attatchment, and it would seem that the Main actuating arm, as pictured would overpower, (sizewise) the H.S.2.
From a sight assessment of the 8 x 5 and the H.S.3 (both did have provision for ink duct), the main actuating arm would seem to be at least 10-12” long, how would a cardboard *mock up* look against the H.S.2. or even offer up your, possible, wrong font.???
Which ever way the *cookie crumbles* Apologies, and Good Luck, Mick. .