C&P Old Style parts manual

I just received a beautiful 10x15 Old Style C&P in perfect condition. I had to dissemble it to get it out of a basement but I’m reassembling it and I just want to make sure I’m doing everything ok.
So I was looking for a online parts manual for an old style but could only find new style ones.
Anyone know of a place where I can find one?


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I’ve never seen any parts list for the Old Series presses, just the New Series one. The C&P did not change in any significant way, so the NS parts list should be able to guide you on how to put things back together.

The only parts that will go on wrong are the side arms (oil holes should go on top; wear marks will often indicate whether the side-arm goes on the left or the right, though that’s not all that important) and the throw-off saddle where it attaches to the shaft behind the bed. That one will be obvious if you did it wrong—the throw-off will not work smoothly.

If you’ll say where you arelocated there may be some-one near by who has gone through this process a few times and can help you.

thanks for the information. I have a guy helping me right now who worked on offset presses all his life and he seems to know a lot about the C&P’s. But if you know of anyone, I have it in storage right now in Holmdel, NJ.