Cleaning a Challenge Advance

Hey all,

I’ve done a search, but come up empty handed. I need to clean some minor surface pitting from my Challenge Advance cut-deck. What is used to keep it from rusting as well? I just can’t seem to keep up with a weekly rub-down of the cut-deck.

Is there some product I’m missing? I tried waxing it with a wax that is similar to candle-wax but that only rubbed off on the paper making the first sheet unusable.

Should I go for a car-style wax?


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I don’t know what other people do, but I have used a silicone lubricant one mine. I spray it on liberally, then wipe away the excess with a cotton rag and let it dry.

I’ve always considered the last sheet sacrificial- I save less than perfect prints for the bottom of the stack.


Thanks DGM. Makes a great deal of sense, and I agree with the bottom sheet theory. I’ve been trying to use chipboard as a bottom sheet just because I’m fickle like that.

Any other words of advice floating out there, as well?

I cut commercially for a short time, like Dan says use silicone on your bed, it helps with rust and it makes your stock slide easier. In my shop I use car wax. Also if your cutter is in a building without a heat source you will never conquer your rust problem.

See if you can find Butcher’s bowling alley wax. I know they sold coo. to Johnson Wax a few years ago. It was a staple of printshops since I first wandered into the Somervile Printing Co 48 years ago. Works great. Another tip uses by woodworkers - lay a terrycloth towel on the bare metal surface it wicks the moisture/dampness away from the metal surface.
Ted Lavin

We use bowling alley wax and only have to reapply it about every six months. Apply it heavy and rub it down good, its a chore but seems to hold up well.


Sounds like bowling alley or car wax it is! I like the terry-cloth trick too, never thought of that.

Thanks everyone!