Letterpress paper in Canada

I am looking for Letterpress paper suppliers in Canada. Each time I see a paper I would like to try, it’s in the USA and the shipping + custom+duty fees are too high.

So if you have any suggestions for paper supplier located in Canada that carry paper like Fabriano, Lettra, Arturo, Somerset, Crane, Rives, etc… I would really appreciate.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi citrus,
These guys were recently talked about in this forum: Papeterie Saint-Armand
Looks like beautiful handmade papers from their website…

I’ve used the St. Armand papers a lot. The colors and texture are gorgeous. They print best dampened. A very nice company to deal with, as well. However I think Citrus is looking for a paper distributor ….

Spicers is probably the biggest paper distributor in Canada.


If you click on the link, and scroll down and to the right to DOWNLOADS, you can download their stationery and specialty guide. If you go down farther under QUICK LINKS, you can click on their cash & carry centres. Also you can buy online I think.

The one and only time I bought from their cash and carry centre in Toronto, they didn’t have much in the centre, but they went out on the floor of their warehouse and got what I wanted. If you were going to make a purchase, I would make arrangemments in advance to be sure that they had what you wanted in stock.

Thank you so much guys!
I will certainly visit the Papeterie Saint-Armand. They seems to have really nice handmade products.

Thank you Geoffrey for all these infos about Spicers. I will take a look at their website for sure.