RUBBER Vs. OIL “The Final Showdown”

So let’s get to the bottom of this.
Who will it be, Rubber or Oil? — Pro’s & Con’s

Also, how do people feel about using Rubber Inks, for Archival purposes?


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VanSon Oil :: CML, SonaPrint or Quickson.

I don’t print with Rubber Based Ink. I want my ink to dry because I’m either overprinting or laying on large coverage for posters.


I am actually running a custom ink set up. Hostmann-Steinberg makes me an oil based in with limited dryers in it. I get one pound PMS cans for about $10.

I’ve printed pretty much exclusivly with Rubber Ink for 6 years now, and have had very little problems with ink drying. Although the times when the ink has given me a drying problem has been when i’ve printed large areas, but I can honestly say its given me no more of a problem than oil based in this situation.


I too print mostly with Rubber Base, and I second swordsect’s experience. I have rarely had drying problems, other than large, and heavily inked, areas.
I like that rubber base holds it’s consistency for hours on press, and it doesn’t skin up in the can, so there is less wasted ink each time I use it.
I guess it is more about picking the right ink for the types of jobs you run.