Chandler & Price Repair

Hello Folks,

I’m a student (one of several) who helps run the letterpress at Harvard College (Bow & Arrow Press). We’ve been getting busier in recent years, at least since I showed up not so long ago, and we recently traded one of our busted presses for a pair of busted Chandler & Price Platten presses.

We’d love to get them working as we’d be able to accomodate way more people during our open press hours, but none of us have the expertise. I browed through classifieds, but it appeared that none of the repair folks were in MA.

Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas on people in the area who would be willing to help out? Our funding is spectacularly limited, but we are working on getting some grants and would need at least a quote on how much renovation would cost.


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Hi Sam,

Please contact me about these - I would like to help.

Email: Bill_Whitley (at)

Sam -

What’s wrong with your C&P? I got my first 8x12 about 44 years ago and have a few here in my shop. I know these presses pretty well and may be able to help.

- Alan
908 996-7850/0849