Please, any information from The States regarding *Phillips, Son, & Entwhistle* press, lurking in a barn for a long long time, too gloomy to see properly YET, looks like Flat bed Albion, Clymer & Dxon, Stanhope, Columbian Eagle, style (possibly), too much Bat crap, Spiders, etc etc, I get to Re commssion it, and use it eventually, but apparently from the same original source, many moons ago as another machine (sight unseen AS YET) but hoping,???
*The SUN patent printing Machine* some original publicity indicates, Greenwood & Kritch,s patent, which states, Quote:- “Copy of the Judges report on the Philadelphia award” by implication, at some point the subject of U.S. legislation, any, (however tiny ) snippets of info or pointers, would be welcome!! Can find very little info, as yet. for either machine.???
Hopefully thank you, in advance. Mick.
P.S. Is there still a market for *Bat Guano*???

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Unless it is completely hidden in the pile of bat guano, it should be pretty clear whether it is an Albion or a Columbian or a Stanhope — they are very different shapes and mechanisms.

Bat guano used to be used for making gunpowder — probably not any more, though. Be careful with it — bats can be disease carriers.


Bob, thank you, but yes, I have several references to Albions Clymer & Dixon Press,s etc but the first chance to see Anything in the depths of the Barn was with a powerful flashlight and a pair of opera glasses, but was able to see the Name, *Phillips Son and Entwhistle* on the cross beam, could not even photograph it,!! Next visit, shortly, will be with a Boiler suit and a disposable Mask, and will hopefully publish some photographic clues>
But on counts one thru three have to be diplomatic and sensative/careful etc. (A) own personal safety, (B) could be Shat on, (this is a 150 year old Barn) and is home to 3/4 pairs of Barn Owls who are at this time with chicks, and Protected, or even, (C) Shat on, and/or Shot at, by the environmental protectionists, and that is not a complete Joke, this year One or Two individuals have been imprisoned for actually stealing Endangered Raptors eggs, Barn Owls not high up the league table, but still governed by our D.E.F.R.A. Thanks. Mick.

I am trying to contact “Mick on Monotype” regarding his search for information about the Kritch & Greenwood printing press. The Sun printing machine.
I may have some details about this machine. Also, I am curious to know if you were able to acquire that machine?
Do you have any photos? Can you share them?
Thank you, Mike Brown
Can you email me at: Typex1 at