Die Cut Steel Rule Height

My Craftsman 10x15 came with a die cutting jacket and machined screw holes in the platten to affix the jacket. The only thing is the jacket is thicker than I was expecting. It’s .180 thick with a thin hard plastic affixed on the underside brining the total jacket thickness to .227. Should I be ordering cutting dies at .918 height, or should I be ordering a shorter height to compensate for this thick jacket? I can use the hand dials to back off the impression if that helps.

I was told one of the former owners of the press bought dies from the company that made toy balsa wood planes and cut balsa planes with this press. Anyway, I can’s seem to find an answer for this. Thanks for your help!

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the previous press owner may have been using clicker dies that can be made in not common to letterpress rule heights, like .625 and .75”
The largest variety of steel rule is based on .937 cut. most letterpress operators use .918 cut.
I would get a .030 stainless steel plate to replace that thick jacket.

Thanks a lot for the info! I had a suspicion that this was the case but couldn’t find definitive info.