Cossar newspaper presses

Peter Coleman has done a great job on the history of the Cossar web-fed flat-bed newspaper presses. There are links to videos of the tremendously complicated presses in operation.

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Nice to see and read the article re *The Cossar* . Hope to visit the restoration project, with The Cossar in Scotland in the autumn. Worked for Charles Clarke, Haywards Heath, Sussex, U.K. Mid 70,s they produced the Mid Sussex Times, at that time on A Cossar, (checkable) backed up by 6/7 Monotype Composition Machines, for 5-14, pt., Compo. and 18-72 point Display from the Supercaster, (s) Mats/Matrices hired per 24 hours, (or longer) from the Monotype lending library.!!
And YES the stories about a coin standing upright on the main frame, when the machine was at full tilt, are basically true, 95% of the time??
It was a fairly normal trick to demonstrate, to the new kid on the block this phenomenon, but the best bit, (or otherwise) was to borrow the coin, from the newby, demonstrate, and forget to return it to it,s original owner.
I got caught and learned in the Wrong Order, but thats part of *The journey* Thanks to Postee,s above. Mick.

There’s a Cossar in Enggland looking for a good home, apparently…
The gurff says ‘In an understatement that must claim records for its modesty, he says it “just needs a bit of spit ‘n polish and an oily rag to be as good as new…”’
More information is at: