Tabletop Print Rack (Display)

I’ll be vending at a few shows this year, and will continue to do so in the following years. I print pretty small and I’m looking for a nice tabletop print rack (display) for small 8x10 - 9x12 prints. Anyone have any suggestions? Here is a photo of something in particular that I’m looking for.


image: OS6.JPG


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Give this a look…

LEE 14118 Flexifile recycled expandable collator/organizer file, 18 sections, 8-1/2d

You might look around for magazine racks. That’s what your picture most looks like, though I expect what you have there is something custom made.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

Hi Harry,
I too have struck out looking for a nice tabletop print rack. Meanwhile I’ve used a magazine rack, but it’s hard to find one I like. The handsome print rack pictured looks like it would come apart for packing, which is a big plus. I’ve thought about asking a carpenter friend (he made beautiful louvered wooden portfolio boxes for one project) to make one. If there’s interest here, I could ask him what it would cost to commission several.
Littoral Press
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Blast from the past, of no practical use, BUT the concept may be worth a little investigation, for update??
Late 50,s early 60,s before modern sophisticated systems were the norm, progress chasers, job costing, time sheet records, etc.etc were assisted with CAROUSEL type, punch card racks, all stored in the Carousel,s rotating around the centre column, tiers added to, as needed.!!The whole, in the centre of a double sided 2 Secretary Desk..
Eventually turned in for work job sheets/job bags, (printed in house) to accomodate virtually every thing, relating to the job,s until they *Went Home*
Is the basic concept worth investigating.??? If construction is to be envisaged..
As a point of interest, our Punch Card/Cardex system(s) were a compliment to *your* Burroughs Machines, from memory, The machines may have been made under license from U.S. in U.K.?
Otherwise Apologies for rubbish.!! .

You are right. I contacted the artist to ask about the print rack and he replied:
“Hi Harry - I wish I could help you but I made them myself, hacking old habitat magazine racks (turned upside down with the ends of curved shelving we found we=hen we moved into this house.
Best Wishes,

I’m totally interested in a minimal/elegant print rack that can be broken down. Let me know if your friend is up to the task.


I have one of these browsers (as we call them over here) for displaying at antique and collectors fairs. I sell a lot of historical advertising and flatware, this is a great way of displaying and it folds up!
(On EBay use this search)
ARTIST PRINT DISPLAY BROWSER Folding lightweight rack wooden frame CLEVER DESIGN
OK, they’re in the UK but I guess they’d ship or something similar should be available in the US…?

Many sizes and build qualities available at your local Blick.

I’ve been discussing this with John, carpenter extraordinaire, and he’s ready and willing to produce some print racks, maybe about 20 in the first batch. Anyone here interested? Right now the tentative size is 10” tall/12” wide sides, with a flat central area 1.5” wide, and about a 30 degree angle of the sides. If John really goes into production, I think there could be this size, or something near this size, and a larger size. Your input is welcome. Harry and I have discussed it, but I’d love to hear what preferences others have. The wood will be Baltic birch. The rack can be disassembled with six screws. I don’t know yet what the price will be, but I’m guessing between $35-$95. I’ll post them in the Classifieds once they exist.
Littoral Press


Thanks for the link, but the issue is that none of those racks are small tabletop size.