in need of help- I don’t know what I am doing

Hello dear people.
I recently bought at kelsey 3X5 press- its in good working order but I am having some trouble figuring out how to set the type- I would love some good resources for general know how of working the press-

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A couple of starters for the weekend….


There are many books out there dealing with printing, best to get one of those older school textbooks written by teachers who have been there and done that.
Polk, Practice of Printing; Cleeton and Pitkin, General Printing are among some of the older titles.
Beware of newbies who write a book on printing telling you how to print letterpress, AND make money at it.
Keep it a hobby and HAVE FUN!!

Another option is to tell us where you are and perhaps one of us will volunteer to have you visit. This has happened before on this site, and I have done it as well. It is possible to go through setting and printing a small job in a couple of hours.

It is very important to read as much as you can, but it is also good to have some hands on instruction. Different people learn in different ways.

I am near Framingham, MA

A great book which you can buy from Boxcar Press is Jessica White’s Letterpress Now. Perfect for a beginner.
And you could spend a day or two and take a class with the wonderful John Barrett at Letterpress Things in nearby Chicopee.
Good luck,

Thank you all- these are all so helpful!