Printer for negatives

I’m trying to produce my own photopolymer plates to a Windmill. Therefore I have a few questions:
Which printer, if any, can print a good negative? Good enogh to expose the photopolymer plates? What density is recommended?
I’m thinking of purchasing the following equipment:
What do you think? Is it necessary to have a washing function and/or drying function? Or is it possible to wash and dry the plates by hand without the quality is getting too bad?
Thank you!
/ Johannes

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we use aCano IPf 750-densities ok for average stuff onto dry film via Illustrator, better with an expensive professional RIP. Some companies advertise I believe converted Epsom Printers with multiple black cartridges.

Look up apex machines , sanyuan,flexotech,deep international,polydiam have an a4 platemaker,innovative,flexopress,flexophotopolymerplatemaking,FIP plate making machine,looks good, waterpress

Thank you Jonathan, will do.

Cano IPF 750-densities is a large format printer. I was looking for something smaller, desktop size.

Someone mentioned that there is a printer that can print photo polymer plates directly from the printer. Does anyone know anything about this? And if that’s the case is quality equal to the usual process with film->exposure->wash->drying.

Grateful for your expertise.

If you are looking for someone to produce good negatives from digital files, try Faces in Rhode Island ( Best - Neil