V-50 Die Cutting Jacket

Hi, new to this, but I have a V-50 we use exclusively for die cutting. Using a .030 jacket from Barplate and am having trouble getting good consistent results. Taking the jacket off, looks like it isn’t really flat anymore, so shopping for a new jacket. It was my understanding when we started doing this that the die was supposed to just touch (almost but not quite) the jacket, but sometimes we have had to run considerably more pressure than that to get good results. How long should a jacket last? Can anyone recommend good reading on doing what i am doing? Help!!

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Wha is the condition of your die? It may be worn or damaged and need to be reknifed. You might need a new jacket if you’ve cut into it in enough places. A picture is helpful. (Three blind men and the elephant. ……)
Ted Lavin
Artificer press

Die is brand new. Looks like the jacket is not flat… Where should I be looking for a rough-service jacket? Barplate Boxmaker?

image: 140918-174204.jpg


Also, what should I be using for packing under the jacket? Tympan?

Make ready under the jacket is best if you have the skill and patience for it. Die rules should be a few thou higher across than around the cylinder. The verticles have a small cylinder diameter and this makes them a bit fussier than large cylinder presses.

All packing on a cylinder press should match up with the cylinder bearer height, other wise the peripheral speed between the forme and the bed will be different, which will cause wear on the forme. Years ago when I was an apprentice I spent many years on verticals and they were well known for spaces rising up on type forms