We recently acquired a Line-O-Scribe from someone who found it in their basement. They didn’t have any handbook or manuals so I figured I would just see if anyone had any info on how to get it operational ago. I’ve attached some photos and just figured I would see if anyone had an idea of where to start. I’ve been googling but just haven’t found anything yet.


image: photo-6.JPG


image: photo 3-2.JPG

photo 3-2.JPG

image: photo 1-3.JPG

photo 1-3.JPG

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You will find some pics if you Google ‘line-o-scribe pictures’

You will also find some pics on Flickr.

Trying contacting some of the people who submitted the images. - Perhaps I can shed some light on your questions. There were two companies that manufactured a tabletop cylinder press under the name LINE-O-SCRIBE. The more common company was the Morgan Company of Chicago. They manufactured the LINE-O-SCRIBE sign machine which is not yours. The lesser known manufacturer made the LINE-O-SCRIBE showcard writer which is the one you have. They originated in Adrian, Michigan. It looks as thought they were bought by the Globe Corp. based on the manufacturer’s plate shown on your press in the photo. I have some xerox copies of an older manual that was issued earlier (not dated) by the company in Adrian, Mich. Contact me through Briar Press and I will send you a copy. From the photos you posted, the presses look very similar to the one I have which is a Model B711. HowardH