Who makes zinc cuts?

I am trying to find any photo-engravers who make zinc cuts. I’m pretty aware of engravers who offer magnesium, but I like the longevity of zinc. Also seeking opinions of durability of copper-engraved cuts. Thanks.

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I’d check with Owosso, they make all my mag dies, I think they make copper also, don’t know about zinc. I have a few customers that supply me with copper dies for foil stamping, they seem to last a long time, I also have a couple of town seals made out of copper that I print on letterheads for the town, they were made in the 1950s and I print them a couple of times a year, they probably have 8 to 10,000 impressions a year and still look great. Paul, at our age what the heck do you care about longevity for, even mag. dies will out last us.

I don’t think there is a company left in the US that is making zinc cuts any more — the process was deemed too toxic by the EPA or OSHA, I believe. There may be somewhere else, like India, companies doing them.

Copper was and is the “gold standard” for printing plates for letterpress — long-wearing, nearly non-corrodable. I’ve taken to ordering my mounted cuts in copper. They cost more than magnesium but they’ll basically last forever unless you wear them down with very long runs. I get mine from Owosso.


Here you go, Paul — but the turn-around might be a bit slow!


Also, Pella Engraving in Iowa advertises photoengraved zinc plaques - they might also make zincos for printing if you ask nicely! :-)


Bob, they appear to be a supplier rather than an engraving company. I have been buying from Lambert in Sioux City (out of business), Standard in Oklahoma City (out of business) and Coast Engraving in San Jose. The zinc last plate I ordered from Coast they charged me over $6.00 per square inch, and it took them 21 days to turn the order around, so I guess I will have to pass on giving them more business. I’ve done a survey of California platemakers, and wonder who in So. Cal. would be recommended?

Talk to enriquew, he is on Briar,

he is in Monetrrey, Mexico and his local Die maker only works in zinc.

A bit far over the pond but those look like what you are looking for:


I have not ordered from them, but the zincplates look very good. They make copper ones too.

I had many zinc cuts made in the past at Fourway Graphics.
Far from you, and I don’t know if they still do it, but here is the address.
Fourway Graphics Ltd.,
58 Queen Street
P.O. Box 200,
Kingston, Ontario,
Canada, K7L 4V8

I’ve used Metal Magic in Phoenix for copper engravings. I’ve gotten over a million impressions off of one engraving, printing black ink on a fairly rough filter paper. I’ve bought hundreds of engravings from them over the years. I buy 1/4” foil dies and use a sterling toggle base to mount. It’s a flawless setup. Copper is easily stored in a dry area, but they will corrode if wet. Cost is similar to photopolymer. $37 for 20 inches.