another type id

Can’t find this one, it seems close to Windsor or New Cambridge, but it’s not them. Notice the crossbar on the uppercase ‘H’, the upper case ‘P’, and the lowercase ‘h’ and ‘u’:

Still can’t find out what this one is:

These are both higher res jpegs, you can enlarge them in your browser to get a good look.

thanks in advance,


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I think the first one is a John Haddon face. Possibly Hawarden open. I will double check. It may have another name in the US.

VERY interesting. Your first photo appears to be a hybrid of Cheltenham Bold Outline, but with unusual characters (H, h, u etc.) that have an Arts & Crafts flavor similar to Post Oldstyle Roman and faces of that nature. I am pretty sure I have never run across your specific font before.

Didn’t find an i.d. on the second photo when it was first posted. I suspect it is European and the lowercase design if the capital U is fairly unique.


The type in the first photo is Cheltenham Bold Outline from Monotype. The ATF version of this typeface did not have the odd H, P, R, e, h and u.

Michael Vickey