Help with press identification & restoration

I recently found this press, which stood outside for the past 50 years in an “Old West” town in South Dakota’s Black Hills.

I cannot find any marking/identification on it and wondered if someone might be able to help me identify the make/model or year of this press?

At this point all moving parts are locked-up. I hope to restore it to working order, but that might be a long shot. Again, any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

image: ScrapIronPress.jpg


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The bar across the back between the ink roller arms may carry the manufacturer’s name and location. It’s a Gordon-style but there were a number of manufacturers over the years. It’s likely to be an early Chandler & Price, but only “likely”. I don’t know what that bicycle sprocket is doing on there, and I don’t see the upper handle end of the throw-off lever unless that’s it sticking up beside the flywheel.

If you haven’t already moved it, move it cautiously — they’re very top-heavy and fall over and break readily. Best to bolt the feet to a couple of 4x6 boards for greater stability before moving.

It should be possible to soak it with PB Blaster or similar rust-breaker and work it loose — gently. Once you get it moving oil it generously and it should go. At least you have the chase!

Nice find - Good luck!


Thanks so much Bob, for taking the time to respond. I will try the PB Blaster and work on it slowly. There’s no evidence of a treadle and I also don’t know what the bicycle sprocket is doing there. It appears to be connected to what I thought was the throw-off lever (which has a wooden handle). I’m excited to see if I can get it all moving.

I’m guessing that the press has had a hard life. The bicycle sprocket is probably a jury-rigged replacement for the original throw-off mechanism, and I would guess that the original flywheel shaft has also been replaced with a straight one. You’d need to find a shaft with a crank section to use a treadle. But with a little TLC I am sure you can have an operating press again. Good luck!


Lucy, just coincidence that 2 very similar rescued machines appear at the same time, if you are able look up my fairly comprehensive (hopefully) essay., under >>>Restoration Suggestions,<<< dated/timed on B.P. 24th July 21 59
(I dont know how the time zone,s work on B.P. sorry!!)

Hopefully my efforts may apply to your projected endevours, with luck & Good Luck .

Against the background of where you inherited it from, i.e.*Old West Town* South Dakota,?? Maybe, one identified?, with a little trawl of old *Film Archives,* would it be a nice result to find that, possibly, it featured in a Film or Films, shot in the *Old West Town* Your Source.??

Stranger coincidences appear fairly regularly on B.P. Some 12 months since a post appeared re Old L/press Machines, in Films, the number of results was amazing.
Silly thought, but Who knows.??
Possibly check out my entry, as above. or give me a call Off Line through B. P. may help further.!!! Mick.

I think the press you have is a Chandler & Price similar to mine. I tried to attach a photo but I don’t think it’s letting me. If you don’t see any photo you can contact me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to send you some.
(Near Montreal)