Looking for a heavy duty stamp!

hi guys. We ship a lot of orders and I wanted something very heavy duty to hand stamp cardboard boxes with a message and a simple logo. I wanted the impression to clearly show it was stamped by hand and also show a deep impression of the stamp. Something almost like a hand-held static letter press plate to spank those boxes with a print. Probably metal and not rubber / poly (will be used 1000’s of times) Any ideas there to look for something like this? Thanks!!!


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if you are stamping corrugated boxes the stamp has to be very soft or it will crush the corrugation and your box will be junk. There is a company in Pittsburg, PA, Matthews, they make rubber plates for printing on boxes, I’d check with them.

thanks for the suggestion… I was thinking the opposite to have a metal stamp… that you said makes sense!

You’ll have trouble getting any kind of noticeable denting of the cardboard unless it is backed up by something solid and stiff — stamping over the contents will probably not do it. Otherwise you’ll probably just deform the container unacceptably. You can do it on a press before assembling the boxes, with care.


Thank you Bob, ordering a simple rubber stamp. Thanks for the help

If you’re stamping assembled cartons, you might think of making a piece of plywood that fits inside against the side you’re stamping, which you can press against the side to support the stamp area. If your stamp is bigger than an inch or two square it will probably “dish” the cardboard enough so the main impression will be around the edges. Stamping a flexible medium like an unsupported sheet of cardboard is difficult.


Thanks! will try that.

Many years since, a moulding press was installed to make Plastic & Ruber plates for flat bed letterpress machines , but one fringe benefit was The Ruuber plates could be sent out for Wrap Around Rotary use, plus (partly) by accident, we figured if we stuck them to (slight) crescent shaped pad, (like old fashioned scribes Ink Blotters) they worked perfectly on cartons/boxes, as long as the *PAD* was rolled along the lines of the inner corrigations, O.K. occasionally *Vertical* rather than *Landscape*, but, because the Rubber plates had far deeper depth of drive, than original water soluable plates (Miraclon etc.) the image rolled on a treat !! We used an *in house* modified Ink Pad, with ink from the Hand numbering machines, or occasionally different colours from the Pen Ruling machine, i.e. for the odd *URGENT* etc.

Of COURSE we got in to trouble by misusing the *urgent* stamp on weekly time sheet,s?? sense of humour was more limited back then.!!!!

Apologies for not being clear, because we rolled the stamp on, rather than, trying to bash the box in one hit, it was akin to Kiss impression in a narrow band, or also akin to *Die Cutting* on a Cylinder as opposed to a Platen. ???
Good Luck.

That’s a cool story Mick :)

Stan, Thank you, but that aint a story that was pretty much for real,!!! since the 12th August 1954?? I have amassed a whole *herd* more, but may have to be cleared by *The Moderators* first.???
For example, it is pretty certain that the Girl in the Chemist, (U.K) Drugstore (Stateside !!) >>Next to the Works<< does Not look in on B.P. so that may be a little Tale, one day, possibly.?? Cheers, Mick.

of course you got in trouble Mick, my last real job was setting hand type that was used to make rubber printing plates for the corrugated industry. These were nothing more than thicker rubber stamps, the type had the shoulder routed down, that was so the letters were higher than regular type, if you use a regular stamp the background will print and not look good, mick is right, they make a curved mount for rubber stamps, its called a rocker mount, it works way better than trying to stamp the whole thing at once. I’m sure if you talk to boxcar that they could make you a polymer die that would work for you.

Dick, Thank you, But what would an Ancient Rocker use other than a *Rocker* mount, i.e. with Elvis Jerry Lee, etc etc as Heroes and We/The firm I did my apprenticeship with, printed the Programmes for Bill Haley & The Comets first U.K. tour, We didnt print the tickets, for the Gigs, but A buddies firm Did, both in Beautiful Downtown Sussex, U.K. ???
I am not prepared to say more, just, that in those days the tickets were NOT numbered??

This thread also jogged my memory, re the new Lady Printer, (stateside) having trouble with the low areas of her P.P. plates trying to print.
With the plastic and rubber plates, with big low areas, trying to do likewise, we solved that one by packing the face/low areas of the plate(s) sticking FACE DOWN & Back-Planning, the reverse, the back-planer only took off the protruding, reversed out, high spots, remounted to *Run On* stopped the minders whingeing, etc etc. ESPECIALLY useful on Flexographic Machines using Rubber Plates (continuous Stationery machines on Web Feed) running, even way back, at Many (thousands of) I. P. H. !?!?!?.
Of course, without access to a Back Planer, could the basic concept, be transferable to P.P. plates, with the same problems, i.e. routing out the offending areas with a Dremel style Drill, if it has already been suggested, Apologies, Good Luck Mick.

Bill Haley and the Comets, now you are really dating yourself, not many will know these guys.