Stephenson Blake - A Letter to Sheffield

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Festival of the mind 2014 starts in september lots of exciting things happening here. There will be a booklet produced of letters that were available for folk to pick up and write a story or draw a picture on (‘what does sheffield mean to you’?). So in letterpress style I decided to give a nod to Stephenson Blake:[email protected]/15119818115/

I have been thinking lately about how our museums represent many of the steel works and little misters cutlers etc but I cant remember seeing any Stephenson Blake related items in there. The manicules in the letter were cast by SB in Sheffield (not the type - I dont own any yet). Any photos/links to any SB related items you have?

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I got printing types, type drawers, type rulers, specimen books AND (tada!) a SB parking token!

A little update, Im please to share a photo of the letter that was chosen to be enlarged for display at the current Festival of the Mind in Sheffield, UK.[email protected]/15113949807/