Moving a Peerless paper cutter

Hi Everyone,

I know of a Peerless floor-mounted paper cutter (a Peerless Gem?) in my area that is for sale. I’m guessing these weigh 750-1000 pounds. Can they be disassembled easily into pieces that weigh 100-200 pounds? Does anyone have experience doing this?


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You can basically disassemble them from the top down. The bed can be removed and the frame can be taken apart into manageable pieces. I would guess the bed may weigh a little more than 200lbs, but it depends on the size of the cutter.


The very first move should be, (as the cutting stick is normally situate in the bed,as above!!) remove the blade with The utmost Caution, would normally expect to see, either hardwood sheath into which the blade can be bolted, or redundant *plastic* cutting stick, (turned 8 times and dead)?
used as a Scabbard.!!
Then stripped down, as above, but on the way, photographed, marked, with *tippex* etc, or 2/3/4 colours of Quick Drying enamel, with corresponding pairs of *Roman* numerals, rather than modern, always seemed less open to misreading.
Better yet for a fresh in at the *Deep End* owner/purchaser, a small sharp pin punch, and things like Links, that can be Double ended an confused, *pin punched/popped,* 1-1, 2-2, etc. Good Luck.

Are you having to move it into a basement?

It’s in a basement now. And, it might have to go back into a basement. Right now, I’m just thinking about this (nothing definite). It’s such a handsome piece of machinery.


I don’t know about the Peerless, but I have disassembled and moved a Challenge 26” cutter from one basement to another. I won’t say It’s easy, but it is possible.