Reynolds Printasign #40 Manual


We are helping a non-profit in Portland, Oregon receive a Reynolds Printasign Model #40 sign-press. It looks like we have all the parts and what-nots, but we aren’t certain how to use the self-inking function. The rollers are in great shape, and we’d love to have the manual, for our knowledge and to leave with them.

We can’t find any manuals online, and didn’t expect to.. but here’s a fun article about the company from 1986 :

Thanks for any idea on how to prepare the rollers for self inking, or possible connections to a user manual.


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Don’t know if this is too late, but…

You can find some exploded drawings at

Looking at the first sheet, you need to make sure that the lever 185 is in the backwards position, and then adjust lever 220 so that the metal roller 76 is resting on top of the rubber rollers.

You need a crank (labelled 263) which will engage with a hex-shaped hole at the end of the rubber roller. It should be s standard imperial hex-key size, so you can adapt something if you don’t have the crank.

You can then turn the rollers together, which will allow the ink to spread. There’s a lug in the metal roller which moves it from side to side as you turn the crank - this helps the ink to spread evenly.

Once the rollers are inked, then they will drop down automatically when you move the roller carriage all the way to the right. This means that you can make an impression, then, when you move the carriage back, the rollers drop down to re-ink the plate for the next impression.

It all works very well, and the other diagrams at above link should help too.