Heidelberg Platen Feed Table?

I am curious as to why this Heidelberg has screws around the edge of the feed table?
Any ideas?
Thank you-

image: Platen Feed Table.jpg

Platen Feed Table.jpg

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Because nails wouldn’t hold…


No idea, but are they in threaded holes, or are there nuts on the underside? Seems a custom fixture may have been attached.

Only seen the picture, I will see the press in person on Wednesday. I’ll let you know what I find out.

I might be mistaken - seems it’s kind of transparent plastic on the table.

J. F. Looked at 2 M/c,s since the post, Black Ball from a long time ago, + One of the Last/Latest Red Ball, M/c,s (long time span in the production run.!) in both cases no extra/additional fittings or Mods.
Just spoke with long standing H/berg Platen Engineer/ Specialist, His best guess, possibly (for that is all it is) Precision drilled and rebated/countersunk holes, for attachement of special purpose extra fittings for Feeding 2 up piles, (well documented for the H/berg).
His theory was, (but again only that) when feeding 2 up, as both column,s have to be gripped all the way through, so second auxiliary lay edge is desirable.! Again guesswork.!
Variation of H/berg Cylinder,s 2 up Feed system whereby feed board, side lays, into the grippers are double sided & working in tandem. Only guess work.?? For the Platen.
Here in the past we have utilised the same kind of Modification (albeit in different format) on a Thompson Platen, which does not posses the 2 up feed option.

The job in question was to hole punch, and diecut, Book Marks, pre-printed but cut down to 12” x 2”. Had to be fed landscape, via the sucker bar. ***Footnote***

The feed & delivery tables are Aluminium, (on the Thompson) Non Ferrous, (magnetic Quoins not an option,) so Drilling & Tapping worked,. for outrigger extra lay guide. = pen steel, aux. finger.

Feed table probably, industrial *Laquer* to prohibit sweating, overnight in/with temperature/humidity variations.
Here U.K. indraughty garages quite common, as is slightly oily cloth draped over the Ink Cylinder and ink Train, overnight etc, + the wax paper/oiled paper, to protect the exposed ink, left in the ink duct.for any length of time, OR the expensive anti dry-on, spray.???

****The Thompson employs a different system to the H/berg, in that the pick up from the feed pile, is via the Sucker bar, straight in, down the Platen onto the Lay,s (only), but then gripped out, to the delivery pile.
5 gripper fingers, out, one just low enough to grip 2” landscape stock.!!
Horses for courses, of course, The Thompson, Can NOT *Bleed* on Lays, but CAN, feed Air Mail, Bible Paper, Tissue. Onion Skin, stock etc, streets ahead of Heidelberg *WINDMILLS*
Apologies for the ramble, but just one odd snippet may be of use.?