C&P Bed Shaft

Hey There,

Tomorrow I’m going to try and finish the build of my C&P 8x12 old style press. It’s been months of grindin parts and cleaning rust etc etc. hopefully by tomorrow the press will be opening and closing like it should. I wondered if someone could confirm what the shaft looks like (pic) that holds the bed of the press to the main base. I have a few different rods here and I’m not really convinced with any of them. If for some reason I don’t have this (big oversight I kno) does anyone have a solution? Hope to hear soon.

Any advice for the build would be appreciated also.

Thanks :)

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check length and diameter. it may have “flats on each end. these are oil grooves so they need to line up so oil holes pass over them

Pure GUESS-timate from afar, possibly the only shaft that would fit the bill, will be exactly the length between the outer collars of the swing frame, from the sketchy shots on Google etc, nothing appears to be outboard of that shaft, by the same token as that appears to be main/only shaft needing that size and load bearing capacity, the bore,s of the components on it should also bear out the possibly, only size and length to fit. A dime on the Dollar the only other comparable shaft would be the main flywheel shaft, longer by a good %age & probably the next logical imperial size down.???

Effectively corroboration of the Good Buddy above.?

Pure speculation only, NOT facts, Apologies otherwise. Good Luck.