fluorescent inks

Are fluorescent inks inks safe to use? Do they contain any particular components or additives that makes it more dangerous to use them? I think for instance of yellow inks, with often a lot of cadmium in it and white with lead etc.

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Most of the fluorescent pigments produced by Dayglo are made through a process wherin they tint resin with chemicals, cure the resin, and then grind it into a powder. This helps to stabilize the chemical and keep it from reacting to oxygen etc in the environment around it, but in my thinking it probably makes a bit more of a buffer than you would expect.

I’m not saying I want to eat this stuff, but I’ve felt safe screenprinting with it and using it as a material.

I’ve never been concerned with it, but you should be able to find the health impact information for it from your supplier. If I think of it I’ll look at my cans and see what they’re rated for.