Studio / Work Space Share - DESPERATE.


I purchased a C&P 8x12 Platen Press last summer and had it sent to my office at the time. I have since left my job (on good terms.. !), but the press remains in the office. As you can imagine, this is problematic for many reasons—the main being, I have limited access to it. My reason for leaving was to launch a letterpress shop of my own and I have done an immense amount of leg work in the past months to be in a place where I am ready to do so.

The biggest missing piece has been: what on earth to do with the press? I am located in Manhattan and would ideally be within subway distance, but am open to outer boroughs and even CT. If anyone knows of ANY possible references, I would be forever indebted.

Thank you!

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Not sure what you are hoping for…some one to buy/move your press, or a place where you can print.

Apologies for not being clear—

What I am looking for, is a studio / work space that would be willing to allow my press to live in there. I am extremely organized and hard working—willing to pay monthly rent. Just very eager to find a home for my press where I can use it.

Your best bet is to look for enclosed parking, if you are just looking for a place to stick your press and print now and then.

If you’re looking for more of a creative coopt, I’d take a look at the NYFA bulletin boards.

Thank you for the helpful input—I spent only a brief amount of time looking at the NYFA site and it looks promising.

Without sounding too ignorant, can I ask what you mean by enclosed parking?

you can also look for shares on stephanie’s list, but it’s not easy finding reasonable/affordable art/work space in this city.

Yeah sure, I mean garage space. Ground level drive your car into a garage space, single car not parking garage.

You won’t find it in northside brooklyn, but if you look down in Sunset Park or other lower/south brooklyn areas you might get lucky.

If you’re not running 3-phase equipment you don’t need much as far as power, only challenge then is keeping the space clean (garages tend to be dirty) and heating it during winter.

(I mention it as an idea because a good amount of the handset type, a 19” cutter, and my C&P came from a garage in sunset park where it’d been used.)