Making new wood type

Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone here has any experience of getting new wood type made to replace missing sorts in an old font.
I currently have a set of Delittle’s Poynder and i’m missing a couple of letters. I have found some suppliers who offer this service but I am unsure of what to expect in terms of quality, and also whether there are any legal issues involved in reproducing letters.
Finally - if anyone has, or knows where I could find a specimen sheet for Poynder it would be greatly appreciated!

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Check with Scott Moore
Moore Wood Type

…and check this company too:-

…and this one too…
He has made replacement wood letters for me - very good and well recommended. Gordon

I’m making type with a CNC Router



I’ve worked with this gent, Tudor Petrusca, to replace missing sorts:
Very nice work, and a great guy to work with.