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Hello all.

I have a C&P 23” manual paper cutter and had a few questions. This bad boy doesn’t seem to want to cut strait. I have removed the back gate and tried to tighten enough to keep it from wiggling… but there is still some play. The holes for the bolts on the back gate aren’t the size of the bolt so I bought some nylon bushings for it but then realized that the hole one the gate, metal guide, and (don’t know the term) the thing that is on the threads to bring it back a forth don’t line up exactly on center. I am assuming the the metal “guide piece” needs to be replaced… its holes itself doesn’t look center and I assume it was replaced in the past. Just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this in the past and how they fixed it.


image: IMG_0548 copy.JPG

IMG_0548 copy.JPG

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First things first- you’re dealing with a “Back Gauge” not Back Gate (proper terminology).

You’ll be needing a partially threaded bolt with a shoulder that has no threads. This would get tightened down into that hole and the pair of threaded studs that adjust laterally/twist the gauge are then installed and tightened/loosened, as you seem to understand already, in order to adjust the angle.

I think you had better find someone with this same model cutter and have them measure the bolt accurately, and then buy or have it made.
One thing to note is that this needs to be a rigid, inflexible material (steel ideally), or it’ll loosen over time and do no good.

Good luck.

Check to be sure the threads are standard sizes…..this was not always the case on C&P presses. I don’t know about cutters.

This cutter doesn’t seem to have the cast adjuster with the transverse shaft that is common on cutters like Challenge.

It looks like the most rearward hole is for an eccentric adjuster.

I am having trouble finding images/descriptions of the Transverse shaft and eccentric adjuster… do you have photos or other information about this?

Thank you!

I had a 23” C&P cutter tears ago, and there was no adjustment of back gauge angle. The rear hole on it was for the post of the measuring tape.

That sounds right.

Here is what a Challenge adjuster looks like:

image: Chall-BGadjuster.jpg


On Old C&P bench cutters The back gauge is adjusted to ‘parallel with the knife’ and or ‘cut square’ simply by hand adjustment.
Loos the bolts on the BG, finger tight the front one so BGcan pivot on it. Cut and adjust till you are satisfied, then lock down the bolts.
Happy cutting

Thanks guys! I figured as mich just wanted to make sure!