C&P part help.

Dear Briar Press community,

I learned the hard way in order to do things right, you have to do it yourself. In a recent move of my ‘new’ C&P 10x15, I lost both of my cam followers (one for the rocker/large gear cam wheel, and one on the lower gripper cam. I believe these are parts 33 and 18 on this link, fitting into parts 67A and 14 I believe:


So here’s my question(s): could anyone verify that these are the correct parts, know of any 10x15 new styles that are being junked for parts, or know of anywhere to purchase a replacement? Any help would be appreciated.

A grateful noob, novice, and enthusiast,


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I would also be up for any verified dimensions of these parts…

I think it is unlikely you will find replacement parts
I would shop for a machinist to make them

I probably have these parts but am unsure as to exactly what parts you’re needing. Go to this link:


and give me the parts numbers and proper name of those parts that you’re seeking. I’ll also need to know whether your press is and old series or new series.

John, thanks, I just send you a message regarding the parts.