Possible eBay scam.

Hi BP people, just wanted to alert you to a suspect eBay seller.

Seeing this auction this morning I jumped on the chance to get a very nice lot of wood-type borders for myself as an early christmas treat:


However, the seller immediately refunded my payment and sent another invoice. He then refunded again and claimed PayPal issues, and said that eBay had suggested paying through a USPS money order.

This was pretty suspect, both because both the PayPal transactions and refunds had gone through fine, which meant there most likely wasn’t really a problem with the seller’s PayPal… and of course because eBay would never suggest paying outside their system.

So, either the guy was trying to scam me, or attempting to avoid eBay fees. But, if the goal had simply been to avoid PayPal’s cut, he could have asked me, cancelled the auction and sent a separate PP invoice.

So I figured the sensible choice was to report an attempted scam, since my refund was already received in PayPal and he’d given the bogus explanations…

I thought I’d let you guys and gals know, in case this lot of borders gets re-listed at some point.

Caveat emptor, always.

EDIT: it appears eBay has removed the listing pending their investigation into the matter. The seller’s ID was road*trip*to*coop


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