Improved Pearl no.11 Saddle

The Roller holders on my Improved No. 11 Pearl are different from every other No. 11 that I saw (see the pictures). There is some hooks in front of the rollers that seams to be for some kind of Rider Roller. Do you know if that is really for a Rider Roller, or is it for something else? I really can’t figure it out. You expertise would be greatly appreciated. See the images …

image: DSC_2439.jpg


image: DSC_2445.jpg


image: DSC_2443.jpg


image: DSC_2438.jpg


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This is just a guess.

A rod could be dropped into the hole
on one end and the slot on the other
that would make a good handle for
pulling out the saddles on both sides
simultaneously with one hand while
the other hand catches the rollers.


I can offer some information on the subject. They are not by Golding. Someone, or some aftermarket company produced them. That is why you have never seen them on any other No. 11. There are two styles of saddles normally seen on this model. On early presses they are cast bronze/brass alloy. They have space for holding trucks with a step down. The right side saddle has a spring mechanism that holds them onto the trucks that must be pulled up to remove the roller/truck. On later models that mechanism is gone. Both sides have small rings to put your finger in to easily pull up on the saddle for roller removal. Later saddles are cast iron and not as pretty as the early version. Later saddles do not go onto step down trucks. They hold directly on the core of the roller. Trucks became just discs. Nothing like you show is every seen in Golding catalogs, ads or written descriptions of features. Further your saddles are not offset slightly where they attach to the rod which means you rollers are not evenly spaced as Golding provided. Your middle roller is closer to your bottom roller than the top one as a result. I do agree with you that this is a roller rider feature to help with better inking. I suspect the small hooks had springs as well. This would help hold the rider onto the inking rollers. They certainly were nicely made. In fact I suspect all the rods, springs, saddles are not original Golding. I guess you also know that your hinges and latch handle on the cubby door are not original Golding either. What is the serial number out of curiosity?


Here is a good shot of the right side original Pearl saddle and another that shows both sides of the later saddle with the finger pulls.

image: newstylesaddle.jpg


image: originalsaddle.jpg


Thank you for the answers.

John, I’m out of the office for the holidays, but when I’m back, I’ll check for the serial number. I agree that the small hooks probably had springs because there’s holes in them for that. I would like to find some info on the rider roller to put one in, but I guess that will be very hard to find. The press is working very well with the actual set up, but if I can improve it, I will do it ;)

Thanks again and have a great holiday

Redge- With careful measurements and specifics on your part, I wager any good roller recovery company could grind you a new rider roller that would fit your press.

So, the serial number on my press is 1999 (is that an old or new version ?).

As John mentioned, the latch and one of the hinge on the door are not original, but I like the locking latch that was installed on the door. For the rods and springs holding the rollers they look original. If they were changed, they look exactly the same as what I see on other Golding… only the saddles are different. I’ll see if I can find someone to make a rider roller or I’ll find old style saddles one day.