Frisket for an Albion platen press

I have an 1889 Albion platen press which hasn’t had a frisket whilst I’ve owned her. Does anybody have a drawing/ design for the manufacture of a frisket? The tympan is complete.
Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

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Paul Ritscher and Andy English have some good images on Flickr. You can find them here.

Paul posts here sometimes and knows a ton about handpress printing if you have some specific questions.

Do you have the Rummonds & Lewis Allen books?


Yes just received the Rummonds (2 volumes) and still awaiting the Lewis Allen book.
Have ordered some flat metal lengths, so I’m going to be busy with the welding machine.
Thanks for the photo reference, very helpful.

That’s great to hear. Those books will be very handy. Keep us in the loop on your frisket building!

Rummonds 2 volume set is really more about history. What would benefit you more is his 1 volume book titled “Printing on the Iron Handpress” as it focuses more on the mechanics of the handpress.

Here is a decent copy of that Rummonds manual in hardcover. They seem to be going back up in price.


you could check out H F Rochat website, as they make new Albions,