Windmill Workshops or Tutors?

I am looking into expanding my letterpress printing knowledge on a Windmill, but I have never operated one first hand. Own a Vandercook, and am comfortable printing on various Vandercook models and Platen presses, but have never had an option to learn the big guy! Is there anyone out there that teaches workshops, private lessons, etc. in the Midwest or Northeast? Would love to be connected to anyone who may have a lead or class!

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Happy new year & congratulations on your interest in the Mercedes of Letterpress :-)

Over the past couple of years, I’ve taught my Windmill master class a number of times, mostly for private clients or semi-private groups.
Most recently, Erik Spiekermann invited me teach at his Gallerie 98a in Berlin for a couple of days.
Please have a look at my workshop info

Feel free to contact me off list via the website contact form, or via briar press.

Best wishes

BTW if you already own a Windmill (or a Miehle vertical or Kludge) we can arrange for on-site training. Otherwise we offer access to our own shop, here in the upper Midwest. We’re three hours by car west of Chicago in Dubuque’s historic Millwork District. 90 miles southwest of Madison WI, and a couple of days by barge down river from the Twin Cities.