Foot treadle for C&P new style or help with slowing motor down:)

I have a C&P 10x15 new style that came without a foot treadle but with a 1/2hp one speed motor. The motor is just too fast for me. Can anyone suggest:

A: Where/how do I find a foot treadle part?

B: How can I slow the motor down or recommend a motor that has variable speeds with and option of slow… and yes, I am pretty slow:)


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First, how is the motor driving the press? If direct through a V-belt, try the smallest pulley you can fit on the motor shaft, and get a belt that will go around the motor pulley and flywheel, unless you’re already using that setup. If that’s the case, a step-down intermediate shaft with a larger pulley driven by the motor, and on the same shaft a small pulley driving the press. If the larger is 3x the size of the smaller you get a reduction to 1/3 the former speed.

For a treadle (assuming you have a crank-equipped flywheel shaft) try Hern Ironworks in Idaho.


Be very patient if you order a treadle from Hearn Ironworks. Sent them a money order mid September and no treadle yet……

There is a plethora of info here on both subjects, found with the search feature.

Diy treadles are a reasonable alternative to ready-made.
Variable speed motor drives are not cheap, but an excellent option.

Thanks Bob,

Clearly you know what you are talking about but I am having a hard time following:) I have a belt that goes around the motor shaft and around the flywheel. I have attached a few photos. How would one attach a step down shaft with a larger pulley.


image: FullSizeRender.jpg


image: FullSizeRender-1.jpg


It’s a bit complicated but not very difficult to build. First, find a hardware store where you can buy a small pulley like the one on your motor and another pulley about 3x as large in diameter (for a 3:1 reduction in speed — if you want to slow down more, get a bigger second pulley) both with the same diameter hub bore, a straight piece of round shaft the size to fit the pulley hubs, and two bearings called “pillow blocks” also the diameter of the shaft. Be sure all these bearings and pulleys have set screws to lock them on the shaft. You’ll want two blocks of wood (short scrap pieces of 2x4 lumber should do) and wood screws to assemble this stuff.

Decide how far apart the two pulleys should be — they don’t need to be very far apart but not right next to each other. Fasten them near the middle of the shaft, and the pillow blocks about an inch or so outside them on each side. Then get a smaller belt that goes around the motor pulley and the large pulley on the shaft, and put the large belt to the press flywheel around the small pulley on the shaft. Screw the pillow blocks to the narrow sides of the wood blocks and screw the wood blocks to the wooden board on which the motor is mounted, as far from the motor as the board allows, or far enough to stretch the small belt tight. You’ll need to reposition the board with the whole apparatus to tighten the belt to the flywheel and align it so the belt stays on the flywheel. Now the press should run 1/3 as fast as formerly.


image: speed reducer.jpg

speed reducer.jpg

AnonyMouse, I can’t find any threads on DIY foot treadles. Do you have a link to a specific thread on that?


Here’s one I posted some time ago, which was made for a 12x18 C&P but can be scaled down. Rough but serviceable.


image: CandP Treadle.JPG

CandP Treadle.JPG

Here’s a self-belt-tensioning, motor-mount board
made with common hardware store parts
& a birch board.

image: MotormountLR.jpg


I like that wide pedal on your treadle, Bob.
I think it might let me shift position
just a little more on a long job.